Allowing Your Higher Self To Be Real: Article Four in a Series of Five

Ways to develop an intimate relationship with your Higher Self (continued):

2. Be intimate: close, tender, vulnerable, trusting:  The second way to develop intimacy with your Higher Self is to start being intimate.  Let yourself be close to your Higher Self, close in your communications and in your interactions rather than keeping them at a distance.  And allow your Higher Self to be close to you.  Be real like you would be with a genuine friend versus acting formally or reverently.  Also, be tender. Slow down enough to allow those tender moments.  Be vulnerable, sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings.  Open up and talk about your wounds, hurts, betrayals and fears, and also your successes, dreams, hopes and desires.  Share the deepest parts of yourself, including your secrets.  Your Higher Self already knows your secrets, but again there’s magic in the telling.

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And trust, trust your Higher Self.  How do you do that?  When you receive advice or suggestions that you think are coming from your Higher Self, if there are no significant consequences if they don’t work out, follow them.  If they suggest, for example, to check the air pressure on your front tire or to read this book or to do that meditation, do it.  If they suggest that you take a different route home from work or call this friend or go to bed earlier tonight, do it.  If these things don’t work out, there are no significant consequences. But if you think your Higher Self has suggested that you stay home from work or quit your job or end a relationship, don’t do it because that would have a significant consequence if it didn’t work out.  Remember, you are developing a relationship, you are learning how to communicate and be intimate with your Higher Self.  You may not always hear them correctly in the beginning.

If you are following advice that you incorrectly think your Higher Self is giving you, but it’s really coming from your negative ego or your Subconscious Mind or some other place, your Higher Self will step in and intercede.  However, if you’re not following the advice you think is from your Higher Self, out of their own elegance they will not intercede.  It’s like discernment – if you want to learn how to discern it’s important to begin practicing.  When you do, your Higher Self sees this and steps in to help you.  But if you never practice discernment, out of their own elegance they won’t intercede, they won’t help you discern because you’re not taking any action.  As with so much in life, it’s important to launch and learn, “move and the path will open.”  The same is true with your Higher Self and trust – when they see that you are trusting them and following suggestions or advice that you think is coming from them, but it’s not, they will intercede and help you realize where the information is coming from. The more you practice trusting your Higher Self, the clearer the communication becomes.

And allow your Higher to be intimate with you.  Let them be close to you, tender with you, vulnerable with you.  Now they’re not going to share any wounds, betrayals or shames because they don’t have those experiences, but they certainly have dreams, hopes and desires for you.  Not of you, but for you and there’s a big difference.  The first creates pressure, the second creates support.  Your Higher Self will never expect anything of you, only for Such is the nature of their love.

As part of allowing your Higher Self to be intimate with you, let them also trust you.  How do you do that?  By becoming worthy of trust.  Someone who is worthy of trust is competent at what they do; they have integrity and a strength of character; they are responsible and they value themselves.  For example, you wouldn’t trust a surgeon to repair your car because they’re not competent when it comes to car mechanics. Likewise, you wouldn’t trust a car mechanic to operate on your heart because they’re not a competent heart surgeon.  In the case of your car, if you were looking for a mechanic that you could trust, you would also want to make sure that not only were they competent with cars, but that they also had integrity, character, were responsible and valued themselves.  Valuing themselves is an important part of being worthy of trust (trustworthy) because people who do not value themselves cannot value you and therefore cannot be fully trusted.

rose-81211The same applies to you. To allow your Higher Self to trust you, you need to be worthy of that trust, meaning being competent in how you live your life – developing the necessary abilities, knowledge and skills to live your life successfully.  Having integrity and character.  Being responsible and valuing yourself – not perfectly, but enough.  This will not only make you worthy of your Higher Self’s trust, it will also make you worthy of your own trust, as well as the trust of the other people in your life.

Allowing Your Higher Self To Be Real, Article Five