Allowing Your Higher Self To Be Real: Article One in a Series of Five

In the 1960s and 70s there was a popular movement in some spiritual circles where people affirmed, “I am God.  I am God.  I am God.”  For most, it was a very sincere effort to grow closer to God, closer to the Divine, but no matter how many times they said it, it didn’t feel real.  They knew that they weren’t the Divine.  Unfortunately, many people eventually abandoned this concept altogether, losing a very vital truth – that they are a piece of the Divine.  Every human being is a piece of the Divine.  And that piece?  That piece is your higher consciousness, your Higher Self.

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Your Higher Self exists beyond the physical plane.  They have never been physical.  If they were physical, they would be you, for you are the physical expression of your Higher Self.   Your Higher Self is who you are becoming.  You will never be your Higher Self as long as you’re physical, but when you complete your growth as a human being, this is who you will become.   You will become that piece of the Divine that your Higher Self already is.

Your Higher Self is all knowing and all loving.  Most poignantly, they know you and love you without condition.  Your Higher Self knows the way home, the way to the Divine, and waits ever so lovingly, every so patiently to show you the way home to this love.  They dearly want to connect with you.

Every time you decide to grow, your Higher Self becomes totally excited because they believe in you completely.  Even if that decision falls short.  Even if you decide to go back to your old patterns and behaviors, your Higher Self never judges or criticizes.  They only love, they only understand with tremendous compassion.   And, they wait patiently for you to decide to grow again and when you do, your Higher Self is right there, ready to offer all the help that you could possibly need.  Your Higher Self knows who you really are and wants more than anything to help you know that too. They can truly be your very best friend, if you will allow it.

Some people talk about the Higher Self as an interesting spiritual idea or a meditative technique – something they visualize in a meditation.  But your Higher Self is not an idea or a technique, they are real.  They are a living expression of consciousness, just like you are a living expression of consciousness.  They are unique, just as you are unique. They have a name, just as you have a name.  And they love you more than you will ever be able to fathom.  In that love, your Higher Self wants you to be totally happy, totally free, totally at peace.  They want you to experience the goodness, truth and beauty that life can be.  They want you to live your most heart-felt dreams.  And they want you to know the divinity that you truly are and will help you every single step of the way – again, if you will allow it.

Resistances to allowing your Higher Self to be real

So what gets in the way?  We all have resistance to allowing our Higher Self to be the real, living, loving consciousness that they are because we’re human.  And although everyone is unique and may have their own individual reasons, there are seven common resistances that many people share:

  1. Defining realness by the five senses:  As human beings we are taught that realness is measured by our five senses.  If we can’t see it, hear it, smell it, feel it or taste it then our tendency is to think that it’s not real.  But the Higher Self is not measured by our five senses; their energy exists beyond these ways of perceiving. However, rather than developing different measuring devices, different ways of perceiving, many people conclude that their Higher Self isn’t real.  This is similar to being in a pitch black room where you can’t see anything and then concluding that there’s nothing there when in fact the room is filled with furniture that you just can’t see at the moment.  Or having a bad cold that renders you unable to smell for a while and then telling yourself that the coffee you’re drinking has no taste or aroma.  These examples may seem ridiculous, but that’s because you’ve likely experienced a room filled with furniture before or have drank coffee with a strong taste and aroma.  But what if you hadn’t had these experiences?  It would be easy to conclude something quite different.If you haven’t experienced your Higher Self before and you can’t measure them with your five senses, then it’s all too easy to conclude that they aren’t real when in fact they are very real – you just need a different way to perceive them.
  2. Wanting other people’s approval: The consensus reality – how most people hold reality, how most people hold what is real – does not believe in a Higher Self.  At most, if they buy into the concept at all, it is an inner voice, an inner knowing, a psychic flash, or intuition.  They are not a real, living, loving expression of consciousness that has their own personality, their own sense of humor, their own name.  If you want the consensus’ approval, you will not allow your Higher Self to be real.Now many people on a spiritual path would quickly say that this resistance doesn’t apply to them, that they don’t care what other people think, but this isn’t always the case.  One way to test this is to ask yourself how you feel when other people don’t believe like you do.  Do you honor their beliefs or do you try to convince them to believe the way you do?  Does it make you angry or frustrated when someone doesn’t agree with you?  Do you get defensive or find yourself judging them?When you’re confident in what you believe, you don’t need other people to agree with your beliefs. You don’t need to convince them or defend yourself.  It doesn’t make you angry or frustrated when someone doesn’t see things like you do.  When you’re not confident, that’s when these things can come into play, especially if you have a hidden agenda chinese-675119of wanting their approval.  It’s like the person who strongly disagrees with the way they were raised and consequently decides to live a very different lifestyle. Yet deep down they still want their family’s approval and thus get very upset when their family disagrees with their choices.Wanting the consensus reality’s approval is a tremendous resistance to allowing your Higher Self to be real.  Even if you never tell anyone about your relationship, it’s too threatening should anyone ever find out.  And wanting approval not only impacts your ability to connect with your Higher Self, but it also significantly restricts your personal growth because finding your own truth, regardless of whether others approve or not, is the heart of any spiritual journey.

3. Lacking a clear boundary between you and your negative ego… 

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