Where Do You Want To Be In Two Years?

The Universe is dreaming a future for you far more beautiful than anything you can dream for yourself.

To dream something is to bring together all the necessary resources to make it happen.  That’s what the Universe is doing for you right now, and it shows up as opportunity.  Continuous opportunity.  But we often miss these opportunities because we’ve set our sights too low.  We’re so busy dealing with day to day life that we haven’t sat down and thought about the future that we want to live.  So when a little opportunity presents itself, one that would take us down a slightly different path that could lead to a profoundly different future, we don’t see it.

This doesn’t deter the Universe.  It continues dreaming for us and sending opportunities, hoping that we’ll not only see them, but take them.  One way to answer this call to a more beautiful future is to ask ourselves, “What do I want my life to be like in two years?  What kind of work?  Who do I want to be spending my time with?  Where do I want to live? What desires do I have for my health, finances, relationships, recreation?”  The answers that come will bring us closer in alignment to what the Universe is dreaming for us, making it much easier to recognize opportunities when they present themselves.  In sense, it’s like we’re lifting our eyes to the horizon so that we can see all the possibilities, possibilities that the Universe so dearly wants to give us.


Look For Joy!

We find what we consistently look for so look for joy!

Or love or beauty or compassion or whatever it is you want in your life.  But it’s needs to be a conscious effort because our brains are wired to look for threats – historically if we’d been walking around looking for joy we would have been eaten.

One great technique to refocus your brain is to ask yourself three questions every morning:

  1. How much fun can I have today?
  2. How care-free can I be?
  3. What joy can I experience?

Then as you go to bed that night, take a moment to review your day and ask yourself:

  1. What was fun today?
  2. What created a feeling of being care-free?
  3. What brought me joy?

In the beginning, your answers might be, “Nada. Nix.  Nothing.” But as you work with this technique, your brain will cooperate and you’ll not only find yourself attracted to situations, people and experiences that engender these, but you’ll also attract these to you.

Again, we find what we consistently look for so take conscious charge and look for what you really want.  Your brain will still alert you to threats as appropriate, but that won’t be its primary focus.  Instead, it will be your ally in living the life you want to live, not the one dictated by old wiring.


I Receive Everything I Need Exactly When I Need It

I am strong and powerful enough to take charge of anything happening in my life; I receive everything I need to succeed exactly when I need it.

There is a lot of fear in the world right now – that’s why it’s so important to remember who you truly are.  You are stronger and more powerful than anything you could possibly experience.  There is nothing that you can’t handle, nothing.  And, there is more help available than you could ever begin to imagine.

Whatever you’re experiencing right now has nothing to do with your value or worth.  You are valuable and worthy period.  When you can accept this, it becomes much easier to take charge of whatever you’re experiencing.  You will triumph, you will succeed because that’s your nature – because that’s who you truly are.


Your Contribution Matters Now More Than It Ever Has

No act of caring is too small.

Remember a time when you were in pain, but knowing that someone cared made all the difference in the world?  We human beings can get through anything when we know we’re not alone.  Now is the perfect time to express your caring in the world, however you want to do that.  Donate money.  Volunteer your time.  Participate in a prayer circle or pray on your own.  Call a friend who’s suffering and really listen without giving any advise.  Spend time imagining yourself in someone else’s shoes that you saw on the news and then send them all the love that you can muster.

No act is too small.  In fact, when you express your caring there’s more caring energy in the world for everyone to use.  The key is taking action, to not get caught up in thinking that your contribution doesn’t matter – your contribution matters now more than it ever has.


Moving Beyond Struggle To Find A Better Way

If you find yourself struggling with something, take a deep breath and let yourself stop.

Most of us have been conditioned to push harder when something isn’t working, but that actually creates more stress.  Struggle is a message that there’s a better way – a way to achieve greater results for the same amount of energy, but sometimes that means reevaluating our approach. Maybe we’re trying to force a round peg into a square hole.  Or perhaps we keep repeating the same pattern hoping that this time will work. Or maybe we’re doing something that we think we should be doing, but our heart isn’t in it.

Rather than fighting and struggling and settling for difficulty, what if we had the courage to consider that we’re going about this the wrong way?  Even a few moments of entertaining doubt and uncertainty can have huge payoffs because it creates the space for new ideas to come in.  The classic question to facilitate this space: “If I were going to consider approaching this in a completely different way, what might that look like?”  Then hang out in this uncomfortable place for as long as possible.  The results can be amazing.


Life Is Full Of Wondrous Things

Life is full of wondrous things waiting to be received. 

When I was a kid I’d watch game shows when I stayed home from school sick.  I never understood why the adults were so disappointed when they won the donkey behind door number three.  Who wanted the living room set or suite of appliances anyway?

Oh how perspective changes.

I’d never bought a major appliance in my life until my dishwater started spitting tiny bits of plastic.  I try to eat organic so this pretty much grossed me out, especially when I realized that it had been going on for more than a few weeks before I’d noticed.  (The plastic was a lovely light green.)  I bought a new dishwasher, which was not exactly a fun way to spend money.  (Where’s a good game show when you need one?)  But this was nothing compared to what I was about to experience.

My range died, my very expensive range which I had no idea was so costly.  Not being much of a chef, I’d never paid attention to it.  All I knew is that it came with the house and it worked.  But I quickly discovered that I had what’s called an electric downdraft range, which meant that unless I wanted to remodel my kitchen I was going to need to shell out some good money to replace it.  Crap.

But armed with the belief that life is full of wondrous things waiting to be received, I started visualizing finding my range on sale somewhere.  I also created a symbol in order to focus my attention.  Then I added it to my Receiving Journal, which is a technique where you ask for help and then write down everything you’re willing to receive, rereading your journal once a day to energize what you want.   I did this for three weeks – that’s how long it took before I honestly felt like I could make a call and hear the salesperson say, “Great news – we’re having a sale today!”

But that’s not what happened.  Instead I was told that the manufacturer did universal pricing, which meant that these ranges never went on sale.  There was a promotion for a $200 rebate though.  $200?  That’s not what I’d been visualizing – I wanted a much better deal than that and despite what I was hearing, I still felt like something magical could happen.  Then the salesperson said, “I can’t believe it.  I just found one in the system for $300 less that’s a previous model and it says that I can still order it.  I can’t believe it – they changed models several months ago, there shouldn’t be any left.  But it says here that I can order it.  I just can’t believe it.”

I could.  $500, I was thrilled!  Then he told me that there was also a promotion for one year free financing, but he’d need a signature so I couldn’t do this over the phone. I quickly got dressed, drove the 30 minutes to the store and signed all the paperwork. (When an opportunity presents itself, grab it.)  My range would be delivered in two weeks.

I spent the rest of the day feeling incredibly grateful – this was so much better than what I’d imagined.  That night as I was going to bed I felt an impulse to check the voicemail on my landline.  This is something I never do in the evening – I prefer to listen to messages in the morning.  But the impulse was really strong so I picked up my phone and it said I had two messages.  I started listening to the first one and was stunned.  The salesperson from the appliance store was saying that he couldn’t order the range after all.  Despite being in his system, there weren’t any older models left.  He apologized and then said I could order the new model at the higher price.

I couldn’t believe it.  I felt a flash of anger, but before I could even begin to process what I’d just heard the second message started playing, “Please disregard my last message.  I talked to my buyer and the manufacturer rep and since we said we could order the older model at the lower price, they’re going to give you the new model for the same price.  We’ve got you covered.”  It took a moment to sink in and then I just started laughing.

Life is full of wondrous things waiting to be received.  Even appliances.


Because Of You, The World Is A More Beautiful Place

Humankind is like a big quilt and you have an essential piece of it; because of you, the world is a more beautiful place.

This isn’t about wearing the weight of the world on your shoulders, it’s about accepting the beautiful difference you make just by being who you are.  We are all connected even when we don’t want to be, but that’s actually good news – throughout history it’s only taken a handful of people committed to what is right and true to overcome what is not.  Love is immensely more powerful than hate; it always has been and it always will be.

Your piece of the quilt is essential.  Your decision to live your life in a way that makes things better changes the fabric of humanity every single day.  You’ll probably never hear about it on the news, just like you won’t hear about all the other people who are making the world a better place through their daily choices, but it’s happening.  Loving, caring, committed people are making the quilt more beautiful every day, just like you.  Even if it’s not what gets all the attention, it’s what has the most impact.


Holding Onto Your Power

There will be times for the rest of your life when you’re not prepared and will blow it – and that’s okay.  Hold onto your power, don’t give it away to your mistake.

One of the most liberating statements on the planet is: “I blew it.”  No pity, no self-punishment, just the raw admission of what happened.  As human beings, we are wired to make mistakes.  It’s part of our evolutionary process.  But most of us have never learned how to become good at making mistakes.  Instead, we’re taught to deny, defend and cover up, all of which are incredibly imprisoning and result in giving our power away.

The invitation is to change that.  To let go of whatever we’ve learned and choose instead to embrace the idea that for the rest of our lives we’re going to be dealing with making mistakes.  Meaning, there will be times when we feel hurt and sometimes even pain, depending upon the magnitude of the mistake.  But rather than using our old approaches, we could actually take a moment to look at ourselves in the mirror and say, “I’m really hurting right now because I just blew it.  But I refuse to add to my pain by beating myself up or playing games.  I’m human and as much as I hate it, sometimes I blow it.  But I still accept myself, I’m still a good person even when I make mistakes.  And, I can clean this up – I don’t have to live with this.  And not only can I clean it up, I can use this mistake to learn and become more.  That’s my birthright as a human being.”

This is an incredibly effective way to hold onto our power when we make a mistake – power that we need in order to learn, grow and change so that this mistake isn’t wasted and instead actually adds to our evolution.


Receiving From Your Soul

Let things be unsettled, unknown and undefined right now; uncertainty, confusion and doubt open our imagination to what our soul is trying to give us.

As human beings we are hard-wired to seek comfortability.  We want things settled, known and defined.  It’s part of our strategy to feel safe.  But being comfortable all the time is enormously overrated and doesn’t make us safe.  It actually keeps us stuck in the status quo.

There are times in life when we absolutely need to be uncertain, confused and full of doubt.  In fact, throughout history every major breakthrough occurred when someone was willing to be uncomfortable and move into these states.  If Albert Einstein hadn’t been willing to be uncertain, confused and doubtful about the way the world worked, he would have never imagined his theories of relativity, forever changing the way humanity looked at time, space, matter, energy and gravity.  Einstein was willing to be uncomfortable, to let things be unsettled, unknown and undefined until he found clarity. Until his imagination could receive what his soul was giving him.

Throughout our lives there will be times when we need to make our own personal breakthroughs, when we need to question the way our world works.  That’s impossible on this of uncertainty, confusion and doubt.  We need to move into these states and stay there as long as it takes, even when it’s extremely uncomfortable.  If we can do that, there will come a point when we’ll find clarity too, when our imagination will receive what our soul is trying to give us.


Something Wonderful Is About To Happen

One of the secrets of success is continuously expecting something wonderful to happen.

You don’t have to have any idea what it might be, you just need to be willing to expect something wonderful.  Children have this quality naturally; it’s part of their innocence and wonder.  As adults, most of us have lost those qualities, but we can regain them any time by making a choice to expect wonderful things to happen – and then looking for them.

It may seem too simple, but test it out for three days.  When you wake up tomorrow proclaim to yourself, “Something really wonderful is going to happen today.”  As the day progresses, remind yourself – put it in your phone, your calendar, on a post it or whatever works for you.  Each time you see the reminder, pause for a moment and feel:  “Something really wonderful is going to happen today.”  Then be open to it.

If nothing wonderful happens, repeat the practice the next day.  And then the next.  You’ll know by then whether this is an effective tool for you.  And if it is, you’ll find that over time your sense of innocence and wonder returns far more powerfully than you ever experienced as a kid because an adult’s capacity to feel is far greater than a child’s.