Miracles Are Unlimited

You can have as many miracles as you’re willing to have. 

Everyone deserves miracles, everyone deserves these gifts of love from the Divine.  The Divine actually wants you to have miracles even more than you want them, as much as you might want them.  They want to fill your life with these gifts of love, with as many miracles as you’re willing to have.  And there are no strings attached – the Divine expects nothing in return.  There are no duties, no obligations, no debts to repay.  You don’t have to suddenly become perfect or the most holy person on the planet or dedicate your life to service.  No, there truly are no strings attached because miracles are gifts, not rewards.  You can earn a reward, but a gift is something that you receive.


Excerpted from the free video class “Miracles: Receiving These Gifts of Love