Exposing Your Negative Ego: 101 Specific Messages

Negative ego messages aren’t limited to these, but here are some common examples of what you might hear inside your head from this greatest source of negativity in your life.

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1. I have to be perfect. Anything less than that and I’m a failure, I’m nothing, I don’t deserve to be loved.
2. I know the truth with a capital “T”. I have all the answers. I’m smarter, I’m wiser, I’m more perceptive, I’m more intelligent. I know more. People should listen to me, I know what they need. If they just listened to me their lives would be a whole lot better.
3. So and so just said I hurt their feelings. What a bunch of crap. They’re always so melodramatic. They always make a mountain out of a mole hill. They’re way too sensitive. I was just kidding anyway. Who needs this relationship, it’s way too much work. I’m better off by myself.
4. I can’t trust myself. I’m my own worst enemy. No matter what, DON’T trust myself, it will only end in disaster.
5. I’m going to humiliate myself. It’s just a matter of time – I’m going to humiliate myself.
6. There’s something very wrong with me.
7. It’s all my fault.
8. My spiritual path is better than other people’s. I’ve found the true way.
9. I’m going to fail.
10. Don’t ask for help, that’s weak. I can do it all by myself. I don’t need anybody. Besides, people will just disappoint you.
11. Jeez, can’t they see how old they look? They need Botox bad. And they need to get that lifted.
12. I’m sick and it’s my own damn fault. If I’d taken better care of myself I wouldn’t be sick now. I deserve this, it’s all my fault.
13. I’m always right.
14. Life isn’t fair so it’s okay for me to cheat. Everybody else does. I don’t have to follow the rules; no one else does so why should I? I can do what I want. I can take short cuts. No one will know.
15. People are out to screw me. They’re going to take advantage of me. They don’t mean what they say. I always have to guard against that or I’ll get used.
16. I really am the best, I really am superior. Other people don’t know it yet, but it’s just a matter of time. I’ll show them.
17. Don’t be so emotional. That’s so weak.
18. I’m more spiritual than other people. I’m more dedicated. I’m more committed. See how hard I struggle? See how hard I work? See how much I sacrifice?
19. It’s all their fault. I’d be happy if it weren’t for them – my ex, my parents, my sister, my brother, my boss, my coworker, my friend. THEY’RE the reason I’m so unhappy.
20. I deserve to pamper myself. I deserve that ice cream, cake, potato chips, drink, smoke. I deserve that second helping. I deserve whatever I WANT. It’s been a tough day, it’s been a tough week, I deserve to relax.
21. Nothing is too much for me. Just suck it up, just do it.
22. Life isn’t fair. You don’t get what you want, you get what you get.
23. Why should I do all the work? Let them do it and I’ll just take the credit, those saps.
24. I really have had it harder than other people. My childhood WAS the worst. My wounds really do cut deeper and no one really understands. No one really appreciates what I’ve been through. My problems really ARE much bigger than other people’s, that’s why it’s so hard for me.
25. Look what’s in their grocery cart. No wonder they’re so fat.
26. Women really are inferior to men. Everyone knows that.
27. Don’t care about people. You’ll just be disappointed.
28. No matter how hard I try, I always screw up.
29. My negative ego is more negative than anyone else’s.
30. I’m always getting blamed for stuff I didn’t do.
31. No one really gets me.
32. Dreaming is for fools. People should get their heads out of the clouds.
33. When I make a mistake I deserve to be punished.
34. I’m unforgivable.
35. Other people just aren’t intelligent enough to understand my point of view. If they were smarter, they’d think like me.
36. So and so hurt me. I’m NEVER going to forget it. I’m NEVER going to let them off the hook.
37. It’s okay for me to steal because I’m not being paid for what I’m worth.
38. Don’t succeed, just get sympathy instead. Get people to feel sorry for me. That’s the way to get attention. That’s the way to get ahead. Act like you’re sick – that always works.
39. Women really are better than men.
40. When something terrible happens it’s god’s will. Just accept it. There’s nothing you can do about it anyway.
41. So and so just complimented me – I see what they’re doing, they’re just trying to butter me up. They want something from me. They have an ulterior motive, I just know it.
42. My negative ego isn’t that negative, c’mon.
43. I’m so much more caring than other people. No one cares like I do.
44. Sometimes you have to scare people for their own good.
45. Don’t plan for the future, don’t even think about it. You can’t do anything about it anyway. You’re just going to get old, sick and die. Don’t think about it.
46. I deserve to have it my way, no matter what it takes.
47. Doesn’t so and so see how judgmental they are? Like they’re one to talk – they should look in the mirror. I’m not like that, I don’t judge anyone.
48. I’m not going to take a chance unless you guarantee me that it will all work out.
49. If someone doesn’t agree with you, then something is wrong with them. They obviously don’t know what they’re talking about anyway. Defend yourself, tell them why they’re wrong.
50. Play weak, then no one will ever get jealous or envious and no one will ask anything of you.
51. It’s okay to control people, it’s for their own good. I know best.
52. I really am better than other people; I’m special. I was born that way.
53. I’ll show them. They’ll wish they’d treated me better when they see how successful I’m going to be. I’ll get my revenge then.
54. Everything happens for the best. So what if I just failed, so what if things just fell apart. Obviously that’s for the best.
55. They never appreciate what I give them. I worked really hard to find the perfect gift and they never appreciate it. They’re so ungrateful.
56. Don’t risk, I’ll just end up getting hurt. I’ll just end up being disappointed.
57. I’m tired of hearing how hard it is for all these other people. I’ve had to work hard for everything in my life. Nobody gave me a thing. They should too. It’s not my problem if they’re lazy.
58. Jeez, can’t they see how weird they look? It’s SO obvious that they’ve had plastic surgery. Why can’t they just accept aging like I do?
59. Give up on ever finding love. It’s a fairy tale anyway. And it doesn’t last.
60. The future is scary. It’s horrible to get old. Only bad things happen.
61. I’ve made my bed and now I have to lie in it. I can’t be forgiven.
62. The Divine isn’t real. That’s just something people believe in who are too weak to accept the truth.
63. So and so just hurt my feelings. Don’t say anything, just get them back – make them pay, make them suffer 10 times worse than what they did to me. That will show them.
64. Happy people are so shallow. If they understood what’s really going on in the world they wouldn’t be so happy.
65. I thought I was done with that issue – I haven’t changed at all.
66. So and so is trying to sabotage me because my life is so much better than theirs. They want what I have and if I don’t watch out, they’ll take it.
67. This pain will never end. I’m being punished for some reason. I must have done something very wrong to deserve this.
68. I can park in the handicap spot if I want. Who cares if I don’t have a disability – they always give those people the best parking spots anyway and it’s not fair.
69. So I drink a lot. I deserve it. I work hard.
70. I’m aging so much better than so and so. They look so old. Obviously they’re not taking very good care of themselves like I am.
71. The world is not a safe place. People will hurt me if I’m not on guard.
72. I am the best friend anybody could ever wish to have. People are so lucky to be my friend.
73. Just trust my head, don’t feel. Feelings are for weaklings.
74. People with a lot of money obviously cheated somehow.
75. So I eat too much. I work hard. I deserve it.
76. It’s too late for me.
77. Just trust my heart, don’t think. Thinking is so unfeeling.
78. I am the worst parent. It’s all my fault that my kids are so screwed up.
79. I’m special. The rules don’t apply to me. I get to do what I want.
80. So and so is sick – it’s their own damn fault. If they would have taken better care of themselves they wouldn’t be sick now.
81. I don’t care what that sign says, I’m not going to curb my dog. What’s the big deal anyway?
82. So and so just had a big success. What a show off. They think they’re so great. They think they’re so special. I hope they fail. I hope they lose everything.
83. I’m such a forgiving person, not like other people.
84. I don’t need to quit smoking. It’s not going to hurt me. Besides, it’s the only pleasure I have in my life and I deserve some pleasure.
85. So what if I was abused as a child. The past is over. It’s not impacting me now.
86. No matter what I do I can’t stick to an exercise program. It’s just too hard.
87. It’s okay for me to text and drive, nothing bad is going to happen.
88. I’m overwhelmed, this is too much, I can’t handle it.
89. Crying is for babies.
90. The ends justify the means.
91. It’s hopeless. I’m in a hopeless situation.
92. Do you see the way they’re looking at me? They’re so jealous. I am so much better than them and they know it.
93. The deck is stacked against me. I can’t get ahead.
94. I am so much fitter than so and so. See how out of shape they are?
95. I am the most loving parent. I love my kids more than anybody else loves theirs.
96. That’s not my problem so why should I care? If you’re stupid enough to be poor or homeless or discriminated against or lack health insurance, that’s your problem.
97. People who drive SUVs are greedy. They don’t care about the planet like I do.
98. So and so thinks they’re so special. I know just what to say to take them down a peg or two.
99. Struggle, fight, battle – that’s how I show my strength, that’s how I show I’m tough, that’s how I show I can make it. No one’s going to take me down. Nothing is too much.
100. Don’t let things get too good or the other shoe will drop.
101. So and so is always in their ego. They’re so arrogant. They haven’t handled their negative ego like I have handled mine.