To live a magical life it’s critical to become conscious of your negative ego and its messages so that you can learn to tell the difference between its thoughts and yours, so that you can take your power back and tell this enemy within “No.”  You don’t battle, you don’t struggle, you just say, “No.” And then you kick it out of your reality.

When your negative ego comes back – and it always will despite its protests that it’s gone now, that you no longer have a negative ego – you just kick it out again.  The more you do this, this easier it gets and you can quickly reach a point where your negative ego doesn’t interfere in your life at all anymore because you catch it so quickly.

In this video you’ll experience a very powerful visualization technique to kick your negative ego out of your reality.  You’ll also learn five categories of general negative ego messages so that you can begin telling the difference between your thoughts and your negative ego’s, so that you can shine a light on this negative part of self and bring it out of the shadows. That’s actually one of the key components to living a magical life – becoming more and more conscious of your negative ego and its messages so that you can differentiate between the two of you, so that you can build a strong boundary between you and it.

In addition to this video I’ve created two handouts to support you in this work: “Kicking your negative ego out of your reality” and “101 specific negative ego messages”. This list of specific messages was gathered from classes and workshops I’ve taught over the years on the negative ego, and although negative ego messages aren’t limited to this list, it’s a great way to begin shining that light on what your negative ego might be whispering to you right now so that you can take your power back and say, “No!”

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To read/download “101 Specific Negative Ego Messages” in PDF

To read more about the Negative Ego, see the two part seriesUnmasking Your Negative Ego” in my blog


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