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  • Calling and Receiving Miracles Workshop Three:

    Utilizing the Energy and Power of Forgiveness to Fill Your Life With Miracles

Calling and Receiving Miracles Workshop Three:
Utilizing the Energy and Power of Forgiveness to Fill Your Life With Miracles


  • Develop the final two keys to succeeding on this quest for miracles
  • Learn an extraordinary self-forgiveness process that makes it real and lasting – self-forgiveness that is often the linchpin to receiving of any kind, including miracles
  • Engage in a powerful technique to kick your negative ego out of your reality
  • Forgive yourself in an incredibly effective two-part meditation so that you can receive the miracles you’ve been unknowingly denying yourself in living with the guilt, pain and loss of power from not forgiving yourself

The third and final miracles workshop in this series introduces the sixth and seventh keys to succeeding on this quest for miracles:

Honoring yourself: To honor something is to change because of it. To honor someone’s love for you, for example, is to become more because they love you. Because you love me, I am a better person. I honor your love by being more patient, or forgiving, or thoughtful. I change for the better because you love me. To honor yourself means honoring your life experiences – to accept the idea that everything you’ve experienced in your life up to this point has made you into who you are today. From the most ugly, painful and debilitating experiences, to the most beautiful, loving and liberating ones. They’ve all contributed. You would not know what you know, you would not have the perspective that you have, you would not be who you are, if you had not had all these experiences. When you can accept and come to peace with that, and then out of that acceptance and peace, change, becoming more, then you are honoring yourself. This is key on this quest for miracles because the more you honor yourself, the more you will value yourself. And the more you value yourself, the more things of value you will allow into your life – like miracles. And I will help you do this.

Image: The seventh and final key to succeeding on this noble, honorable and beautiful quest for miracles is your image, choosing to imagine yourself as a Miracle Maker. This is critically important because your image, how you imagine yourself, defines the boundaries of what is possible for you. In many ways, your image is like a three dimensional box in which you live. If what you want in life fits inside that box, you can create it. But if what you want doesn’t fit – if it’s bigger than the box, if it’s bigger than how you are imagining yourself – you won’t be able to create and sustain it because you can’t imagine it. Your image simply can’t hold it. In this workshop I’ll give you three very effective techniques for expanding your image so that you can imagine yourself as a Miracle Maker, so that you can create plenty of room to create and sustain all kinds of miracles.

Workshop Three then focuses on one of the most powerful energies in any quest for miracles: forgiveness, specifically self-forgiveness. When you won’t forgive yourself, even if it seemingly has nothing to do with the miracles that you want in your life, you will often deny yourself those very miracles as a form of self-punishment and self-denial. Most people don’t even realize that this is happening. They just think that they aren’t worthy or that they don’t deserve or that miracles are exceptionally rare. But in truth everyone is worthy, everyone deserves and there is an abundance of miracles available to everyone. It’s the lack of self-forgiveness that makes it hard to receive them.

To exacerbate this situation, everyone has a negative ego that always encourages them to punish themselves, not forgive. If you’re not aware of this negative part of self and what it’s saying to you, it’s all too easy to buy into its lies. In this workshop I’ll take you through a very concrete, detailed forgiveness process, which includes dealing with the negative ego, so that you can forgive yourself for anything, no matter how big or small. Even if you’ve been suffering from this for decades, you can set yourself free and then the abundance of miracles that are around you all the time can begin manifesting. Forgiveness truly is a miraculous energy and its impact cannot be overstated.

Workshop Three then concludes with a beautiful and potent two-part guided meditation that takes you through this entire self-forgiveness process step-by-step, once again utilizing the power of your Subconscious Mind to help you receive this miraculous energy. With forgiveness and the freedom it affords at your side, calling and receiving miracles can take on an elegance and an ease that will astound you.

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