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  • Forgiving Yourself, Part Two

Forgiving Yourself, Part Two

This guided meditation is part of “Calling and Receiving Miracles Workshop Three” and takes you through the final three steps of a seven step self-forgiveness process.  As I shared in the personal growth video, The Power and Beauty of Forgiveness: Giving Yourself a New Beginning, a Fresh Start, a Clean Slate, forgiveness is a miraculous energy. When you genuinely forgive yourself or another, your life changes in ways that are  beyond what you can imagine or expect.  Forgiveness can trigger transcendent moments that lift you out of a negative situation or circumstance, no matter how long it’s been going on.  It can reveal truths that catapult you forward in your growth, those “aha” moments when suddenly everything makes sense and you know exactly what you need to do or be. Forgiveness can generate coincidences and synchronicities that change you in ways that you’ve only dreamt about or hoped for. It truly is a miraculous energy.

This seven step self-forgiveness process is incredibly powerful.  Not only can you use it to free yourself and thus allow more miracles in your life, but you can also use it any time you want to make a change in your life.  When something isn’t working, rather than trying even harder, you can step back and forgive yourself for whatever struggle you’re experiencing.  This brings the miraculous into whatever you’re dealing with, which creates possibilities that you can’t even imagine or expect yet.

Again, forgiveness is a skill that anyone can learn, and I help you do that, step by step, in this meditation.

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