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  • Forgiving Yourself, Part One

Forgiving Yourself, Part One

This guided meditation is part of “Calling and Receiving Miracles Workshop Three” and takes you through the first four steps of a seven step self-forgiveness process.  As I shared in the personal growth video, The Power and Beauty of Forgiveness: Giving Yourself a New Beginning, a Fresh Start, a Clean Slate, forgiveness is a miraculous energy and it always starts with you.  When you can develop the skill of self-forgiveness, not only can you free yourself, but you also put yourself in a position where it becomes so much easier to forgive others, thus freeing yourself even more.  And the freer you become, the more miracles you can allow in your life.

As I said in the video, when you won’t forgive yourself, even if it seemingly has nothing to do with the miracles you want in your life, you will often deny yourself those very miracles as a form of self-punishment and self-denial.  People frequently don’t even know that they’re doing this to themselves.  They just think that life is hard and that they have to struggle, or that calling miracles doesn’t work.  They don’t realize that their lack of self-forgiveness is what’s making their life harder and more of a struggle, and that by not forgiving themselves they’re actually blocking the miracles that are always trying to get in.

Forgiveness is a skill that anyone can learn.  It truly is a miraculous energy that is freely available to everyone, just like the air.  The key is learning how to receive this energy and then using it to change your life, which I help you do, step by step, in this meditation.

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