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Length: 19 minutes

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  • Relaxing & Receiving

Relaxing & Receiving

With so many demands and pressures, it’s incredibly valuable to take some time to relax and receive. When you relax, you create the space for your body to move towards greater health and wholeness, greater harmony and balance.  In this state, it is much easier to receive the help that is around you all the time.

In this guided meditation you’ll have the opportunity to enter a very deep and peaceful state of relaxation. Then a mysterious stranger of Love and Light will join you, a being who absolutely loves and adores you. They will give you a gift of energy – whatever energy is most helpful to you in your life right now. Perhaps it’s clarity, confidence, healing or courage.  Maybe it’s a new direction, hope, forgiveness or strength. You don’t need to know what energy will be most helpful to you right now, the mysterious stranger knows. All you need to do is receive.

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