Uncovering Your Worth: Coming Home to Who You Truly Are

In living a magical life, it’s valuable to remember that positive energy is so much more powerful than negative energy. In fact, it only takes a tiny bit of positive energy to change something that is extremely negative. When you change the way you think, even just a little, you can significantly change your life, no matter how negative it has been. Again, positive energy is so much more powerful than negative energy.

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And it doesn’t have to take years. Little changes in the way you think today can yield huge changes over time. You don’t have to turn over a new leaf or radically upend your life – those kinds of changes are hard to sustain anyway. It’s the small incremental changes that have the most lasting effect because they’re easier to integrate and make part of your life.

One incredibly effective way to begin changing the way you think is to focus on uncovering your worth. It’s not something that you can earn – you are already worthy by the very fact that you exist – but it is something that you can uncover by letting yourself think about it, by giving it attention. Consider this: you are worthy of the very best that life has to offer, right now. There’s nothing that you need to change about yourself, there’s nothing that you need to do or be or say, you are worthy right now. Your worth is part of your birthright as a human being because you are a piece of the Divine. You are a vast and mighty spiritual being, having a physical experience, whose true nature is sacred and holy. You are good, true and beautiful, not because of the good, true or beautiful things that you do, but because this is who you are, this is your very essence.

Sometimes this is hard to accept because everyone knows that they have some ugly parts of self. But that doesn’t take away from your beauty, nor does it diminish your worth. Part of being human is learning how to accept the ugly parts of self and love yourself anyway. Now that doesn’t mean you want to act out of those ugly parts, but it’s still okay to have them. That’s the way it’s supposed to be. You’re a human being, not an angel. You’re a piece of the Divine, not all of the Divine. You’ll always have negativity within you as long as you’re human and that’s okay, that’s okay – that’s exactly the way it’s supposed to be.

When you made the decision to experience human consciousness, you signed up to live in a world of duality, a world with positivity and negativity. You also signed up to embody that duality, to have positive and negative parts within yourself.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of or to try to hide. It’s just the human experience. This duality is actually something to respect and value because it creates the opportunity for you to triumph, to choose to act out of love rather than negativity. To choose to act out of character and integrity instead of manipulation, control or domination. And every time you choose to love, every time you choose to act out of character and integrity, you just get that much stronger, wiser and more powerful, which is a goal of any personal growth journey.

Ultimately, personal growth is about coming home, it’s about remembering more and more of the divinity that you truly are. Home isn’t a location, it’s a state of being. And this physical world, with its dual nature, provides a fantastic classroom to do your homework, to do the work that brings you home. Unfortunately, most people involved with personal growth spend the majority of their time focusing on what they perceive as wrong about themselves rather than what is right, which can make it harder to come home. It certainly makes it harder to uncover your worth. That’s not to say people shouldn’t focus on what they want to change about themselves, but what about giving equal (or even greater) weight to what is already beautiful?

Even if it’s only for five minutes, what if you let yourself think about how much you love and care. About your commitment to what you believe in. About your courage to keep moving forward even when you’re scared. About how dear you hold your spirituality. About how much you time and energy you invest in your growth. About your dedication to making the world a better place. About your concern for people who are suffering that you don’t even know. About how much you deplore injustice.

tulips-1261142These things don’t make you worthy – you already are – but by letting yourself think about them it becomes much easier to experience your worth, to experience the piece of the Divine that you truly are in the essence of your being. Again, positive energy is so much more powerful than negative energy. Imagine how your life could be different if you spent just a little time every day thinking about what is right with you. As Wayne Dyer, one of my favorite spiritual teachers said, “Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.”

When you start focusing on what is right with you rather than only on what you perceive as wrong, you will literally change yourself. And you’ll also generate an enormous amount of positive energy.