Taking Back Power From Negative Ego

If your negative ego had its way, you would never heal or grow or change.

You would live your life as a hollow shell, just getting by from one day to the next. But it doesn’t need to be that way. You are SO much more powerful than this part of yourself. Your negative ego has no power of its own – it only has the power that you give it. Like all negativity, it is weak and stupid and the only power it has is the power that you give it.

But that’s the problem – people give their power away to their negative egos all the time and don’t even know it. They believe this negative part of themselves when it spews its lies. They don’t recognize this enemy within and therefore they can’t say no. When people say, “I am my own worst enemy” they’re actually talking about their negative egos. They are not their own worst enemy, their negative ego is and if they could learn to recognize this part of self rather than identifying with it, they could say no. That’s all it takes. You just say no. You don’t battle, you don’t struggle, you don’t fight. You are in charge of all of yourself, including your negative ego, and you just say no.


Excerpted from free negative ego video class, “The Negative Ego: Taking Your Power Back