We Are the Utter Authority in Our Life

We are the utter authority in our life.

Even when there’s a lack of outer freedom, we get to choose how we respond to everything that we experience in our life.  It is 100 percent our choice. This can be scary to contemplate because many of us have been taught to blame others for our circumstances.  But when we can take our power back and really own that we get to choose how we respond to everything we experience, then that’s when freedom blossoms.

Freedom is one of the most important qualities that anyone can develop in their life.  It inspires us to expand the way we believe, to adopt healthier and more productive attitudes, to release old thoughts and feelings that no longer serve us and to make much better choices and decisions – just by feeling free!  Freedom also inspires us to dream new dreams and to expand what’s possible in our life.

What we pay attention to grows, so the more we can give attention to the fact that we are the utter authority of our life, the greater our freedom will be.  One way to do that is by owning our successes.  Most of us are already familiar with our failures, but how much attention do we give to what is working in our life?  If you’re willing:

  • Make a list of five things that you like about your life.
  • Look to see what choices or decisions were behind these five things. One question that can be helpful in uncovering this: “What would a person have had to choose or decide in order to be experiencing this?” For example, maybe they chose to move beyond their fears, or to receive, or to forgive, or to go for their dreams.  Perhaps they decided to seek help, or to risk failing, or to practice gratitude, or to allow themselves to love or be loved.
  • Then let yourself contemplate: this was my choice or decision and no one else’s. I chose or decided this of my own free will.  I could have made other choices or decisions that would not have led to this success, but I didn’t. I choice or decided this.  I did it.  Me.
  • Then own: this is my success.  I created it by my choice or decision. I am the utter authority in my life.  I have inner freedom and I can create more inner freedom – as much as I want.

The more we can own our authorship, the greater our freedom will be.