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Holly Agnes Higgins

Master of Business Administration, Master of Transpersonal Psychology

You matter, you count and you are enough.  You will become more, but you are enough right now.  Talented enough.  Strong enough.  Capable enough. Healed enough. Brave enough. Loving enough.  Deserving enough.  And being enough is enough.  You will become more, but you don’t have to.  This is part of living a magical life – knowing that you are enough.  It is a skill that anyone can learn.

Ultimately, everyone wants to be empowered, valued, respected and trusted, whether that’s in their professional life or personal life.  More and more, especially for millennials, these two lives are becoming one.  This is what I call living a magical life and it’s what I do: I help people be empowered, valued, respected and trusted – being a visionary leader in their own life – and I do that by working with corporations, small businesses, ad-hoc groups and individuals.  In my experience these qualities generate genuine happiness and success and give people a powerful sense of meaning and fulfillment in their life.  Read more

“Holly has changed my life.  She has given me the tools I need to address the things holding me back from living a life of joy.  Her guided meditations are the most profound I’ve ever done.  They really work and are helping me live my life from a more spiritual perspective.  She is the real deal.”  Judith Cross

Living magical lives together

Every Monday I share information on how to live a life that is more magical. If you’re interested, please sign up for my weekly quotes. (For examples, please see my blog.)


With so many demands, pressures and stresses at work and at home, it’s incredibly valuable to give yourself some time to pause and relax. When you relax, you not only create the space for your body to move towards greater health and wholeness, but you also bring yourself into greater harmony and balance.  In this state, it is much easier to receive the support that is around you all the time, whether you are aware of it or not.  In this free 19 minute guided meditation you’ll have the opportunity to enter a very peaceful state of relaxation.  Then someone who loves you will come in the form of a Mysterious Stranger of Love and Light.  It might be a loved one who has passed, or a guardian angel, or someone from your religious or spiritual tradition.  They will then give you a gift wrapped box full of energy, whatever energy will be the most helpful to you right now in your life.  Perhaps it’s confidence, clarity, courage or trust.  Maybe it’s a new direction, hope, forgiveness or strength.  You don’t need to know what that energy is, you just need to be willing to receive it.



I asked a group of my personal growth students to vote for the top six subjects that they have found the most valuable in their personal and professional lives.  Everyone agreed that learning about miracles was key, as well as how to effectively deal with their emotions, with the Detox Letter being their favorite technique. They also said that unmasking their negative ego had profoundly changed their lives, as well as developing relationships with their Future Self and their Higher Self. And finally, everyone voted for self-forgiveness, saying that it was one of the most powerful tools that they have ever learned. These videos are a gift from me to you.  (Please move your mouse over the photos to reveal the title and then click to go to that video.)

“I have had the blessing of taking classes from Holly.  She gave me the tools, techniques and understandings that have allowed me to heal and go through challenges to grow in my life.  Holly is a teacher, mentor and friend who has led me to a more joyous life.  I am truly grateful for her and am looking forward to continuing our work together for the rest of my life.  As she always says, it’s never too late to live the life you want.” Cindi Moon


Learning how to manifest what you want is critical to creating the life you’ve always wanted to live both personally and professionally.  One of the most powerful techniques I know is the Receiving Journal.  When I first discovered this technique I was very skeptical because I was used to working hard to create what I wanted.  In truth, I wasn’t very good at receiving.  In fact, the idea of asking for help, writing down what I wanted, and then allowing it to manifest seemed too good to be true.  But I was willing to experiment and I’m so glad that I did.   Not only did I discover an incredibly powerful and elegant tool for creating what I wanted at work and at home, but I also learned how to receive – so much so that things that I wanted but hadn’t put in my Receiving Journal yet began showing up.  It was like opening a door to magic.

I hope you find the Receiving Journal as amazing and effective as I have.



One of the most elegant and magical ways to live your life is to learn how to call and receive miracles, to become and be a Miracle Maker.  Miracles are gifts of love from the Divine, however you refer to the Divine, and these gifts are freely given, with no strings attached and no limits – you can have as many miracles as you’re willing to receive. In fact, the Divine wants you to have miracles even more than you want them, as much as you might want them.  And you don’t have to wait until you need a miracle – you can call and receive miracles just for the fun of it.  In truth, the more little miracles you can allow in your life, the less need you’ll have for the big ones.  In Calling and Receiving Miracles Workshops One, Two and Three you’ll have the opportunity to… Read more

“I always believed in miracles, but I never thought I could be a miracle maker until I started working with Holly.  She helped me get over my resistance to allowing things to be so much easier in my life and helped me expand my capacity for success. Her meditations are my lifeline….they are always there when I need them.  Thanks to Holly I now know there is enough love to go around for everyone, including me!”  Sue Warner


Guided meditations are an incredibly powerful way to catapult you forward in your personal and professional development. When you meditate using guided imagery, you communicate what you want directly to your Subconscious, Unconscious and Higher Conscious Minds and they respond. The magic and miracles that can unfold are truly unlimited, plus it’s really fun! (Please move your mouse over the photos to reveal the title and then click to go to that meditation.)

“Through Holly’s work I have changed my resonance, which has put me in a flow of abundance.  What I have chased for years now seems to track me down and arrive almost without effort.  Her work is miraculous.”  Russel Peltzer


Believing We Can Create What We Want

When we honestly believe we can create what we want, it makes it much easier to let go of what isn’t working in our life.  What we feed our attention to grows.  When we don’t think we can create what we want, we will often keep trying to fix something that in our heart we know we need to release…

You Are Breathtakingly Beautiful

Years ago I was in a crisis that was consuming my life.  I had exhausted all the coping mechanisms I knew and none of them were working.  In an attempt to escape my emotions, I went for a very long run, but as quick as I stopped all the emotional and mental pain returned.  I didn’t know what to do so I went inside…


You Are Magnificent

“It’s all too easy in life to miss the forest for the trees, especially when we’ve made a lot of mistakes.”  This piece was inspired by a dear group of personal growth students who were having a difficult time seeing themselves clearly.  I wrote two versions, one for the women and one for the men.  I hope it helps you to see yourself more clearly too…